Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Nerve!

Tomorrow, my ballet kids will go into their RAD Examination. They're kids and it should be easy. It would take them a great deal of effing up to not be given a certificate. They're bright, adorable and they've been really good students. I shouldn't be worried.

But I am. And only because this is the first time I am entering students for exams. They're my first. And tomorrow's RAD Exam is just the beginning of this week's examathon. In a few days, my Speech & Drama and Musical Theatre kids will be doing their Trinity Guildhall Young Performers' certification. Nerves, nerves galore! And I joked about it, but part of me means it. I know that back in my youth and days as a student-- academic, or otherwise-- I've been a nightmare to my teachers. I am praying to the Universe that my kids don't get dragged into my karma.

To calm myself a little bit, I decided to putter a little bit in the kitchen, and make my T dinner. Thanks for teaching me the technique, Tita Mike!

Pinaupong manok
(Traditional Filipino whole chicken pot roast)
served with mixed greens and Hainanese dip

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