Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cheat Day Sunday

For this week's cheat day, I had planned to cook crabs in coconut milk. But because it took me and Enan until past 6 in the evening to haul my lazy brown ass to the wet market, we didn't manage to find nice crabs. What's left from the day's affordable lot were the malnourished rejects. And what's left of what we would have loved to purchase, was priced at $98 each! So including all the other minor ingredients, we would've shelled out more than $400 for our household dinner tonight. A change of plans was in order.

After fifteen minutes of mincing around the wet market and an additional half an hour in the supermarket, Enan and I finally decided to go for

Baked Ground Pork-Stuffed Squid*
served with sinful steamed white rice, of course

Just as delectable, but a lot less pricey. We even had some more money left to pick up some stuff to make this with--

Homemade Chocolate SoyMilkshake

*original recipe from La Rems (my mom), recreated from memory

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