Monday, 14 September 2009

My Boyfriend Is Cheating

I never saw it coming. Ever.

But often, I found myself wondering why and how. Why it was always peculiarly perfect, and how managed to make it so. I never found the answer. Or a clue to the answer.

So I started questioning myself. Maybe it was I who had the problem. Who was the problem. And then I started punishing myself for not being able to measure up.

Today, as I opened the door that only last night, he had shut, I found the answer. It has been right there all along, waiting to face me.

CleverRice. It's for people like T, who grew up never having to worry about cooking rice, because they really didn't eat it much. And for people like me, who grew up in a country that eats rice at least 3 times a day, we never had to worry about cooking rice manually because every household has a rice cooker.

Hard to overcook. Perfect. Always.

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